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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Review: SickER B*stards by Matt Shaw

I Really enjoyed that!

Firstly I would like to say that I did the audio book version of this that I was lucky to win in a recent competition. The only audio books I've read previously have been Librivox, so they're all I can compare it to. I am happy to say that the narration in this surpassed anything I've listened to before.

With regards to the story. The predecessor "Sick B*stards". Being honest I thought that book was just ok. I can see why other people liked it so much, but I'm not so easily shocked and for me the first in the series had more shock than story.

This story however was very, very good. It surpassed the first one by a long shot. It still had all of that shock factor (I actually cringed at the last ten minutes) but it also had a very good story line. It gave a very in depth back story in which we get to know the protagonist a lot better. I actually felt quite bad for him in parts.

Heed the warning. Do not read if you are easily disturbed. However if you like that sort of stuff. Then I'm sure you'll love this. I'm aware that there is a third in the series. A short story "Sickest B*stards" After reading this one I will definitely be checking that out.

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