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Friday, 26 August 2016

Review: JEDI Summer: With the Magnetic Kid

JEDI Summer: With the Magnetic Kid JEDI Summer: With the Magnetic Kid by John Boden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jedi Summer - well that book just ruined my early night. I enjoyed it so much that I had to stay up
And finish it. Everyone loves a good
Coming of age story don't they? At least I do. This one was different though. It wasn't all perfect memories of laughs, smiles and bike rides. Some of this book was genuinely quite saddening. But a lot of it actually brought a smile to my face as well. I was born mid eighties so didn't really encounter the joys of childhood playing out until the decade after this story is set. That doesn't matter though, the sentiment is there and I could relate to a lot
Of it.
This story is by no means horror, but there were certainly some parts that set a chill down your spine. No one said they saw a ghost as such, but then, they didn't say that the hasn't seen one either.
I think we've all had those moments when we've raised serious questions about something we've seen at one point or another in life. Was it really there?
All round this was a breath of fresh air to read. Very unique and very fun. I would really have loved it to have carried on, but then. It couldn't. Summers over.

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